I'm afraid...very affraid

I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else or maybe it just me. I ordered my first kit(Megan) last month and got everything I needed, including 2 practice limbs. I have practiced on the limbs a lot, but I can not seem to work up the nerve to reborn my little Megan, I even got her an outfit already. I keep making excuse like, i need sea sponges, got those, then decide I needed powder and red yellow and blue GHSP for the technique posted on this forum, then I told myself I should wait for my mohair and rooting to arrive. I just keep finding reasons not to start her but honestly the truth is…I am just afraid!!!

I’m working on my first baby now. I actually bought two kits, one that I really wanted to do and maybe keep and one that was pretty cute but that I wasn’t super attached to.

I didn’t plan it but I started the one I didn’t care too much about first and although messing up and stripping and restarting has been frustrating, it’s a little easier because it’s not THE kit.

Maybe it would help to get a sale BB kit and start with that, or you could always buy another of the same kit later when you improve. I can say for sure that just jumping in and doing it is the best way, I have learned a ton already.

Good luck!

Oh, also it’s probably best to just pick a method or tutorial and stick with it. I kept reading and watching and combining things from different places and then messing up and having to restart.

Once I forced myself to just follow one tutorial I made a lot more progress. (I’m doing the Beautiful Baby Way tutorial on Facebook)

I’m with @Lynaea and think you might be better off getting a kit you’re not so attached to. It’s definitely a fear of messing up and the only way past it to to jump in. Just do it!! :wink:

When I first learned about reborning I ordered a Jaden kit. It was the only art or craft project iI was intimidated by. I bought air dry paints and continue to use them. I don’ t have the time or patience to bake every layer and wait for it to cool. It took me 3 weeks to paint it because I was so afraid I’d wreck it (I didn’t). By the time I was done I was hooked. Even now, 6 years later, as soon as I finish one, I want to do another one. My advice is just go for it, enjoy the process


Try to view it as experimental and a learning process. Go into it thinking that you may make mistakes and those mistakes are what you will learn from. Try your best to relax and enjoy. When I originally started, I had been researching Reborns for years. I wanted one so badly, but they were way too expensive. Then, I had this idea to go ahead and try to make one myself and see how good it turned out (My motto is, I’d rather fail at something than not try at all and live with regrets). I went into it with no expectations, other than, ''Hey, lets see what I can do"… My first Reborn wasn’t perfect by any means, but it was alright. I decided to keep pushing the boundaries and continue to grow and learn. I have not regretted it once. Go easy on yourself and view it as a learning experience.

I went with a kit that I really don’t care much about, she’s ok, but all of the kits I really wanted were out of stock so I just went with Megan. I don’t hate her but I definitely don’t love her, she just seems to tiny to be realistic, even for a preemie, just my personal opinion

Just remind yourself that you can wipe off any layer that is not baked and go go layer by layer. You can always strip and start over completely if you need to. Kate was supposed to be my first, but I stripped her and started over. I put her aside and picked up Meg and completed her. I went on to complete Leah next and am rooting Chrisy now. I have not gone back to Kate for whatever reason. Just try to enjoy the learning process and don’t put pressure on yourself to make a perfect doll the very first time. This is supposed to be fun, right?

Shayla, I think we were all afraid to get started on our first baby’s but as was recommended to you—Just jump in and do it. It’s good to research all you can about the processes but do your best to stick to one tutorial and get going. You will make mistakes and you will learn from them, not every baby is perfect, Your second baby will be much better. It’s amazing to see the skills you develop quickly by just persevering. I am so surprised to see all the new reborners first dolls as they are all getting better and better as time goes on, I guess they are really doing their research, Happy Reborning, you will be fine.

Just jump in and start! Get on FaceBook and find the tutorial under albums on “Learn to Reborn The Beautiful Baby Way”. Nicole Russell has done a wonderful job on this tutorial. I still refer back to it! If you mess up Megan, you can strip the kit and start again or you can order another one just like it.

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I have tried to find the tutorial on facebook, I can’t even find albums on their page. Maybe I am just blind, I don’t know

ok, I found albums but I still don’t see a tutorial

It’s in parts. The first part is called: Chapter #1 preparing your reborn kit

Shayla, everyone single one of us started with just one doll and everyone had to learn how to paint, root & understand the process. In fact, we have had this very conversation before with others, and even enjoyed posting photos of our first babies - (LOL) - and some were great and some were not.

In the end, relax and enjoy it - it’s only a doll - if the paint is not baked, it can be wiped away, if you already baked, it can be stripped if you’re not happy; and you may surprise yourself and find your work turns out beautifully!

Don’t be afraid to jump right it, like I say, it is only vinyl. I do hope you share photos when you’re done and/or ask for help if you need to ask because there are lots of people here to offer suggestions and we all want you to enjoy & succeed :sun_with_face:

Here is the link to the albums: Redirecting...

She starts with the supplies with the color wheel and then the chapters are after that. Good luck.

There are very few mistakes you can not correct and do over. Don’t be scared. Just do it. Unlike a real baby, You can even ruin it and buy a new kit just like it. So what’s to fear, hmm? Hop right in!

It’s like swimming, you’ve gotta just dive right in!! Don’t worry, you can do it! Hugs

Thank you Pia, I have gone through the entire tutorial and it is definitely one of the more helpful tutorials, I have watched so many on youtube and there is so many pieces that seem to be left out. This was super helpful, I think I am ready to get started.


Thanks everyone, I am feeling a bit more confident and think I am ready to get started.


I am so glad you fround it helpful. Her FB tutorial was the basis for ALL of my early babies and I still refer back to it for hands and feet. Her fingernails are the BEST I have ever seen!