If you use Reborns dot com

Which membership do most of you pay for? I only have 2 babies to list and really do not want to pay the highest membership but I am not sure they would get enough exposure with the others?

I have paid for the lowest once and never sold a doll, I have paid for the highest once and sold 1 all other months and dolls sold were at 9.99 which is over 20

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I usually just go with the $9.99 plan.

I started at the $9.99 plan, sold quickly, so I upped the plan to see what would happen, still sell quickly. Out of the 11 dolls I sold in the past 2 months, 9 were on there. I have also had to turn away work because there is only so much I can paint.

I’d say if you are going to use the site, go $9.99 at minimum so your babies will be seen when they are born. The one lower, you can list, but you’d have to do a lot of your own advertising.

I have only ever paid the lowest price.

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Do you advertise on social media? Or maybe you’ve built up a good following over the years? @katieperry Can’t imagine how you’d be seen otherwise.

When I first started listing on reborns.com, I only used the lower plan. People still found me by looking under babies for adoption tab. That was back when they didn’t have as many spots on the front page though. I think David doubled it due to so many being listed and peoples getting bumped faster.

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I might try the $9.99 then

I post photos but don’t have many people looking at me on Facebook but I get great views on there

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You probably have a whole fan club @katieperry. :joy:

I’ve sold all my babies on the bronze plan ($4.99). Tried gold ($19.99) and didn’t sell a thing. I’ve never tried silver ($9.99). Even though they aren’t seen on the front page they are under babies for adoption.

I opted for the $9.99 plan and my first doll sold almost immediately and my second sold within a week or so…

I signed up for a mo of $9.99 and listed Suu Kyi so we will see how it goes.

It was funny because the month I bought the 9.99 one I didn’t sell any! You know what it also could be because I have been doing the newest sculpts and I think people are searching for them

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I maintain a gold membership. I like the exposure, and it was always a great venue for me. It hasn’t been as good for a while now. There are too many inexpensive dolls being listed and mine, mid-ranged, take much longer to find a home now. That and the fact that my production has slowed to a near halt. I used to do a baby about every two weeks. Now I piddle away at them for a month at least…I may drop my membership back to silver or maybe even let it lapse after Christmas until I build up a little inventory, but it’s hard to do that. I LOVE my PayPal “dolly” money.


I just recently learned that, actually… Most of my customers either are buying their first baby or for their kids, so I thought they just found a baby they thought was cute. Several times now I have made sales because they were scouting out a particular sculpt and happened to like my version.

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Is mid ranged like $250-$350? I have to tell you that $300 and over they do seem to sit for a while. My sweet spot seems to be right in that $260-$275 range. They still do sell at just around $300, but a bit slower.

Another question, I got asked if I would ship to Canada. Do you all? If so, which method of shipping do you use? I know PP requires us to fully insure the packages to avoid and issues with delivery costing us our money but that usually entails using Express Mail International which can be quite expensive…

I don’t ship outside of the US, but some of the ladies do. Hope they see this.

Great info Ladies, Thanks from us newbies!!!