If you could pick a nursery theme

What would you choose?

I don’t have a nursery at the moment, but I sure do dream of the day when I will! :wink::wink:

And when I say nursery, I mean the room where you keep your dolls. Just adding that in case some people thought I meant nursery theme for if you paint and sale babies :slight_smile:

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You mean the theme for a bedroom nursery! I like a vintage type look as far as little decor items! Decorative Lamp with a Humpty Dumpty type or Old time Nursery Rymes! The monkeys have been over done! LoL
I like more pastel colors for a baby vs. Bright Bright Colors! That is about as much as I can think of right now.

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I like the soft colors the Pooh bear line uses… I think I’ll go with that:-)

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I went with Owls in a tree but thinking about changing it.

I would choose between Nursery rhymes, Winnie the Pooh and Victorian. I like pastels for babies but I love anything Victorian.

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Raggedy Ann

I would do soft pink and spring green and do butterflies and flowers. I know, the boy dolls would hate it, but they would just have to “suck it up”.


Shabby Chic / Victorian or traditional baby (pastel colors) I’m not big on bright colors for babies and yet I know the babies love bright colors.

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My entire house is my nursery. I’d love to be able to consolidate it in one room.

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I did Looney Toons Nursery theme with my oldest son and Teddy Bears with my youngest son. But if I would do an actual Nursery Theme now I would do Monkeys (gender neutral only).

I know a lady that just did her reborn nursery in pastels with a baby lamb and bunny theme. It really came out adorable.

Me , I’d go with a vintage cottage theme, I’m on my way there I have the room and a path between all my goodies! Looking for the time to make it happen! Too much distraction when I have a free minute or so!

I always love seeing the different things everyone picks. I definitely am thinking of a Victorian theme with a small upholstered couch :wink: part of me wants some hot pink thrown in there. I’m one of those people that can end up with a “cluttered look” if I’m not careful. I enjoy having lots of odds and ends for whatever reason. I find it comforting.


It’s okay Becca. Things look more homey that way. They look like people live there. A lot of the beautiful themes in magazines would be ruined 5 seconds after my family hit the room They consider any bare surface as a place to put stuff! LOL


I’m actually working on mine, jungle animals

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Victorian and vintage.

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