If you could.....if you would

I know lots of ladies have asked this question but I wanted to go a bit further…

If you could only own one…not 2 or 3 but only one reborn baby what one would it be AND if it were a Caucasian, what tone of skin appeals to you most…This is just a question about preferences so not a question of what it most realistic or what is best or right or wrong, etc…just what appeals to us each individually…

I know it is very hard to choose just one with all the beautiful babies out there but got to make those brains work hard and force us, who have a tendency to be indecisive to ‘pin it down’…lol

So look forward to seeing what we get here…lol


I prefer a peaches and cream complexion, nothing overly mottled, no moles, no hairy brows.

Not being a reborn collector, I can’t even think off hand which one I’d actually choose; too many awesome artists out there.

OOPS…I see where you said we HAVE to choose, so okey dokey, I’ll take this one, or ANY one by Linda Moore:

She made my most favorite Precious Gift of all-time and that’s when I became a big fan of hers!


Wilma by Karola Wegerich! Love this toddler!


@Jacky’s Olive!!! :heart:


I honestly think it would be Summer Rain. I am fortunate to already have her, and she is my one and only right now. But alas, I’ve been in love before (sounds like the Beatles ) and I know I may fall in love with another down the road. But for right now, I’ll just be true to my little girl and love her best!


Mine would be Ryan scholl by silvia! Well really, any artist but I really love this version! Got to hold this kit (not this exact version) a few years back at a local collector’s house and didn’t want to put him down lol…on the hunt for this baby again now. I’ve had lots of babies come and go but I still remember the spell this baby put me in when I held him for an hour straight lol!


Hmmmm… I’m not sure. I’m going to have to come back to this


She’s so cute! But her kit goes for over $200 haha. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for you! :grin:


This would be one, for sure. I simply fell in love with Svetlana’s Saskia


Being that I just started, I don’t know much about the kits. But this one caught my eye when I was looking for a beginners kit. She didn’t turn out how I wanted her. I recently brought another kit to do. So hopefully when I do this one she will be better.


I love Ryan! He’s never on sale when I need him to be


I’m newly in love with the carina by Sheila Michael sculpt. My favorite skin tones are the fair translucent skin tones that alot of you ladies are able to produce ( which I currently can not lol ) so to get this kit with that look would be amazing :slight_smile:


I have a ton of babies I would love in my collection but my ultimate goal is to own any sili baby made by Romie Strydom

This is baby Grace and I would give up all my kits for her! One Day maybe…This skin tone is great with me also. I am not picky on tones I like a little of everything, Other then bruised babies or babies with stork bites/ birthmarks I am not fond of that and I do not like if the veins are heavy.


Right now, My dream kit is one of the BB Fairys, I would like it in a biracial complexion with wings and hair and glitter, lol it is on my future list.

Yellow undertone complexion and I love the blue eyes. Oh, and some mottling.


For me, right now, it’s this sweet little one…Sansa has stolen my heart…!!..:sparkling_heart:


@izzy was referring to Ryan scholl, he’s a sold out Limited Edition kit!


Oh! @shandeni I was thinking about a completely different kit. I just looked back at BBs Ryan and he wasn’t the one I was thinking of either. This is going to bug me all night!

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I love this sweet little quinlynn with her rosy cheeks💕


I love so many of the babies. My absolute dream baby would be a Romie silicone. My sons were a beautiful color. Light blond hair and blue eyes and skin that looked like they were sunkissed. I would like a baby that had their coloring. This is them about 23 years ago.


Dark haired, fair skinned, silicone Romie Strydom. No contest.