If you can help out at all, or pass it on…

My good friend has been stuck in America because of the pandemic. She has decided to just move back (she is from here) Her dogs, who I just LOVE, havent seen her in 18th months. Her dogs are her only family and she needs them home.
If you can help out her gofundme, or pass it on to others, we sure would appreciate it. She helps SO many people. And she never asks for anything. She has the biggest heart of anyone I have ever known. Finally there is a way to give back to her a little.


Where is ‘here’?

She is from here in Texas :slight_smile:

They are going to be so happy when they are reunited

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Yes definitely. Her heart has been aching so much for her puppies. Every time someone gives a donation she cries :heartpulse: