Idea / Suggestion for the ROSE doll show awards banquet

I’m posting this in hopes that the folks at Bountiful Baby see this! I had an absolutely amazing experience at the doll show. It was a first class event all the way. It was also the very first show I ever attended and I’ll absolutely be back next year :slight_smile:

I had a suggestion for the awards banquet. During the expo, we filled out ballots and got to see the contest babies displayed but when we voted, it was a number. Then when the awards were announced at the banquet, they were given to the artists. I wish that it would have been possible to see the babies after the banquet with each of the babies’ prizes next to them so that all of us can see the babies side by side and get a feeling for what judges look for in a well done reborn. I know that this would have been really interesting and helpful for me.

Another idea I had was to have the doll’s photo appear on a projector screen after the winner’s name was announced so you could see on the spot which baby it was that won. The winners carried their dolls on stage but from far away (and even from one of the front tables where I was sitting) it was very hard to see.

Just a random thought/suggestion… I don’t know if others feel the same. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your input we are always looking for ways to make everything better. We will look at the timeline of the show and the awards banquet and see if there is a way to do that. Maybe we can post them on our facebook as the awards banquet is the night before the show ends. :blush:


Lol see @AnnDee66 I wasn’t the only one that wanted to see the winning babies ! :wink: Good Idea about the big screen @LynnW


I like those ideas better than Facebook.


I :heart: your face :wink:

The thought of you on snap chat makes me giggle :heart:


That would be great! Just some way that we can see which babies won would be awesome. Or another thought would be to have them displayed on the second day of the Expo? (or would that not work since the artists are wanting to sell them on the second day?) Thanks for listening to my suggestion! Nice to meet you at the show :slight_smile:


Right? I’m havin a blast on it ! I crack myself up :joy: And Mandy and Allison are a hoot with the faces and voices to to funny :joy: You have it? Grandkids have been sending me funnies daily great stuff


Great ideas Lynn

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I do have it, but I don’t play on it. My 13 yr old has it so I have it… lol. Then I get a notice everytime she posts a picture and I turned both of ours to Ghost mode on the intrusive map. :confused:

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Lynn, good ideas! Bountiful baby did photograph each entry prior to contest set up, so it would be nice to see a pic of ALL the babies entered, My baby won the realborn catagory, and peoples choice realborn catagory, but I have not seen any of the babies placed up on social media or BB website, and it would be nice to definitly see that. I would love to see both winning babies and every entry posted regardless of a win or not because there were alot of beautiful babies entered. As far as the next day they are placed up for sale, as its the last sales day for artists or buyers looking, so only on display as long as the artists still have them at their booths.

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Oh that’s good to know! I didn’t realize they had photographed each entry. So, my idea of showing the baby’s photo on the slide projector might actually be doable then if they are already taking photos of the baby… I also like the idea of posting the pictures of the winners on the website also.

Congrats to you on your awards! :slight_smile: