I wish we could educate people about stolen sculpts easier

There was a post on a local Facebook group asking where to buy a reborn and every single comment told the person to go to Amazon. Most of them saying that they have bought silicones/reborns from there and loved them. I made a comment trying to educate a bit and sent them to my page, a friend’s page and offered to send them to other artists if they want more options. And I also posted pictures of my work. I wish this was easier because I am pretty sure with everyone telling her Amazon that that’s going to be where she goes. So frustrating!


It is insane. I know the sculptors can report the listings to Amazon and they will take them down. Marita got her “fake” kits taken down.


So update: Turns out she knows my family and is gonna trust me on this and buy from me! That turned out better than I expected!


It’s really difficult as a lot of the groups say they don’t allow stolen sculpts, but they actually do. I was booted from a group when I pm’d the admin about someone selling LouLou reborned for $295! And it wasn’t just one - you could just order as many as you wanted, along with other stolen sculpts from her fb page. I told her they were selling stolen sculpts and she flat out said prove it, then removed me. It’s like how can you win? You can educate until your blue in the face, but some of those groups act like you’re a trouble maker for even hinting that someone is selling stolen sculpts.


If you will share the groups that are allowing the stolen kits, there are FB groups that will let everyone know which ones so they can have a mass exodus…


I wish I could remember which group it was… I’m in quite a few. This happened several months ago. Their rules stated no knock off kits, however I think there are more than a few who overlook it.

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