I thought you all might like to see this. RE counterfeit goods

I saw this on YT and thought I might be interesting to you all regarding counterfeit goods


Informative, ty.

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This left me very sad and disheartened - but thank you for showing this.

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Thank you for sharing. This was very informative.

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Thank you

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Thanks for sharing!! It’s completely terrible China’s allows to get away with so much. But defense number 1, stop buying just cause it cost less!!


Part of the problem is that we are manufacturing in China. That means we are handing them everything they need to make the products and make the counterfeit. The only difference is permission and no permission.

If you manufacture in China the company you are working with signs an agreement not to abuse intellectual property, but they do it anyway.

Selling platforms need to take more responsibility, they allow anyone to slap up what ever they want. It is the same with advertising and selling on social network platforms.

I think if we started holding selling platforms and social media platforms accountable we would start to see a decline in the access these “fake” companies have.

We need to start manufacturing our own products, the prices would go up but we would lose less.

I hate to say it but we did it to ourselves, we outsourced, and we continue to want the least expensive throw away object we can find.


So true!!

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I agree 1000%. Companies outsource labor to other countries with different labor laws increasing their profit… while exploiting the labor of the people in those countries. People love to support American made products, until they’re 2x or 3x the price because we don’t have (legal or widespread) sweatshop labor. As a country, we just need to go back to more expensive, but ethically made products.


Just adding to this post. I’m amazed by the number of counterfeit kits out there. Loulou has even been copied. Wow

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