I think I'm better at messing kits up

So I decided to paint one of my many realborns. I was doing good. Then I screwed up. I was following an AA tutorial. Thinning medium was used instead of paint thinner. I’ve stripped kits before. But this one seem a lil harder to strip, since thinning meduim was used. I had to use some real elbow grease. I actually started stripping him a couple days ago n stopped. I finally finished stripping him tonite. What are some tricks n advice when it comes to stripping kits! I used q tips, wedges n round make up pads. I found the round pads work better than the wedges. Oh, would it harm the kit if I put a dab of bleach in the water when washing the kit?

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Definitely NO bleach! What did you use to strip it? Windsor and Newton Brush Cleaner and Restorer works really well. For stripping, I use paper towels, q-tips and an inexpensive toothbrush.


Sorry to hear that you messed up, but it will be ok. We are still learning and will get better with time. Sorry I’m no help in the stripping department as of yet. But as Jeanhai said, bleach is not good on the vinyl and I have read others recommends the Windsor too. Be encouraged , regroup and get back at it. Maybe, put that kit to the side and try a different one. I would rather be working on painting a kit instead of this tedious rooting, lol


I used the Windsor n Newton. I was thinking about putting a dab in bleach in the water with the dawn soap to wash it. The toothbrush is a good idea. Clyde has a lot of creases in his fingers n toes. I was using a toothpick. Duh, thank you for the idea.

Thank you, I’m gonna wash him today n try again tomorrow.

me to since starting with air dry i have messed up 2 kits. stripped one twice yesterday. What a pain. But if we keep at it we will get it.


On the tough spots let the Windsor and Newton sit on it for a couple of minutes and it should come off more easily.


I have some baby fx paints. I haven’t even attempted them yet. I learned I had to take my time when painting.

I put some in a lil jar n I would let the feet n hands sit in it for about 15 seconds. Then used a toothpick to get the paint out the creases.,

I hate stripping kits too! I use air dry, so my stripping is done with alcohol. Still, its too much work. I’ve also come to the conclusion that my chances of having to strip go way up when I’m painting ethnic babies. Since its common for Caucasian babies to be blotchy, mistakes are easily concealed. :slight_smile:

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At least the alcohol is cheaper n can be brought just about anywhere.

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Try not to use acetone or Goo-B-Gone to strip. It makes the vinyl turn orange. I use the Winsor and Newton product.