I stripped my Will Scholl! Advice needed!

Okay so 6 years ago I bought Will by Natalie Scholl, he was the love of my life! But for like 5 of those 6 years he remains wrapped in a blanket in my closet. Recently I got back into reborns after 5 years and started painting for myself (which I love so much!) and I stripped my will by Natalie Scholl because after looking at my work vs the previous artist, he was hardly painted. No veining, no mottling, no nail tips, literally only creasing and blushing. So I decided to strip him and am going to paint him myself. However! He had rooted hair. I pulled most of it out but now there is sooo many tiny stray hairs! And it’s pale blonde and impossible to see! I can’t paint a doll with hair still rooted in it head! I know this has been done before but how do I go about it?

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also, REALLY mad that the old artist cut his eyes to open them more. I remember her saying she did that in the listing on ebay, and before I knew any better, I didn’t care. She also filled his limbs with sugar :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::triumph::triumph:

Sugar?! That’s disgusting, weren’t there any bugs inside?
You could try a hair removal cream, or you could loosen the glue inside the head with hot water and peel it out, it should take any hair left along with it.

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The glue is all gone on the inside! I used hot water to loosen it and pulled it out! There are just little stray hairs all over which now are impossible to pluck because they are white lol! And yeah I’m pretty sure it was sugar. Definitely wasn’t glass beads! It was a MESS to clean out! :sob::sob:

more pictures close up of the eye cutting she did. :triumph:

And nope I didn’t see any bugs! :confounded:

I found pulling out the glue from inside the hair helped to pull out lots of the tiny hairs left. Otherwise I just started painting because by the time you have set a couple of layers the little hairs have burnt away anyway.

If you’ll be rooting him, I’d just ignore the blonde hairs. I’ve re rooted multiple babies and it’s so hard to get all the stubble out. It doesn’t affect painting in any way and by the time it’s painted you can’t see the hairs at all.

Maybe try a strip of strong tape? Pat it down over the hair and pull it up in sections.


If you’ve taken out most of the hairs the others are not that big a problem. I did shave one with hair clippers one time worked good on the few strays. Congrats on having a Will. I loved that kit and he wasn’t around long.

you can try hot glue on the hairs, ive had to do it multiple times, it still does not get all of the hairs out but it will get the big ones!

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You can use nair or something similar to remove the rest of hair. Just put it on let it sit awhile then wipe off. Then repeat if needed if not wash real good with dawn.

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Thanks so much you guys!!! I will go ahead and try a few of those tricks and if it doesn’t work I’m just going to start painting!

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Get some NAIR (hair removal cream) put all over scalp. Let sit for a bit and then wash off.