I stripped and redid my baby from Mandi

I decided that her mouth and face color was too much for me so I stripped her head completely and repainted it all. I also lightened all the blushing up on her limbs. I dug out this outfit and gather stitched the neckline so it isn’t so huge on her. To me it looks more babyish than anything else I have had on her. I have also order 4 wigs, of which I hope one will suite my fancy!

This is her Before:

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She looks good but I liked her the way Mandi had her.

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Well, she was stripped of all her color when I got her.  Then I painted her and felt I had the mouth too red and the blushing too much so I stripped her and painted her again.   I like her now so that is all that matters since I made her to keep.

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Ah, sorry confused you. I thought maybe I did which was why I posted all the pics again. I know some people like more mouth color than I do so I can see how the first paint job I did might be appealing to some. To me it made her look very AA and I wanted her to look more bi-racial because I want to use a straight haired wig on her so she will be more like the original doll was.

This is a Lee Middleton doll. The face mold is called Baby Talk. It was sold in different skin tones but the medium one like this was called Buddy Bear. Some of the other tones were sold under the name Little Fishies. I wanted her because she can suck her thumb. I will post pics of her after she gets her new wig.

She finally got some hair!