I SOLD my first baby...Molly will be going home!

My “Molly” will be going to a new home this week! She sold last night on Ebay for $130.50 plus $30 for shipping to handle my ebay/paypal fees and hopefully shipping costs.

I had hoped for a little more, BUT after talking with all of you, and her kinda being a “booboo”, I did lower my starting bid and she sold.

I have been so busy I haven’t really had much time to be here so I never shared her link on Ebay. Will try to remember to share the next one.

Now I got to get her all ready to pack up and ship home! Any suggestions on that the box packing?

She is only going about 30 miles North of me to Palm Coast, FL lol

And do any of you worry after selling a baby that the buyer won’t like them after receiving? I have excellent Ebay feedback and I take ride in that and now I am worried her new family won’t like her or something LOL. And yes I am sad to see her go, but I know she has to go to make room for more babies.



Congratulations on her sale! Too bad you didn’t keep her as a comparison baby for the future. I do understand the need to sell as we always need money to continue with our addiction. I have not yet sold a baby but can say I haven’t tried as I am thinking they may not be good enough yet, Someday I will post pictures of the three I have finished.

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Congratulations! That’s a great price for your first…and a boo-boo baby at that!

I also worry that the new mom will not like her baby but as long as you’ve taken detailed pics that show the true quality, you’ll be fine.

There are many threads on packing babies so you may want to search that. I wrap the baby in a receiving blanket and tie. All the items that go home are wrapped in tissue paper. I place all that in a plastic bag (to protect if it gets wet). Line th box with packing peanuts, place the bag in and fill up with the peanuts.

Here’s what the items looked like before I packed the box:


Congratulations, Colleen! Oh, and when you are packing, make sure the things like the colored folder above, and the colored tissue, do not come near the doll. If dampness gets in there, they could color off onto the dollie. Make sure she is packed fairly tightly so she doesn’t roll around in the box. Also, a net or cap on her hair is a good idea, just as added protection.

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So happy for you! I’m sure your buyer will be very pleased!

As far as wrapping my babies, I do it the same way Amy does, including putting it in a plastic bag…rains a lot here in Florida, plus the weather is soooooo crazy everywhere else, I just like the added protection. the plastic bag provides. Oh, and mints. I include the baby mints, too. Never had any complaints. :slight_smile:


I just sold my first today also. (Flynn). Thanks for the packing ideas. I like the baby mint idea. Do you guys always send a birth certificate. I never found a use for them when I bought a doll.

Congratulations on finding a Mommy for Molly. We will anxiously await feedback from the buyer right along with you. I never relax until I have heard that the baby arrived and was loved!

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Congratulations on your sale. Yes, I worry about the customer getting and liking the doll all the time. I never touch the money from the sale for at least 2 weeks after I know the doll has been received. You already have some good suggestions for packing, so no need for mine.

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Congrats on your sale, too! The birth certificate is more of a “value added” kind of thing. It adds to the realism and excitement. I didn’t get one with mine and even though I’d just file it away, it was a little disappointing.

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@lynn I kept my first doll… this one is my second. I call her a booboo baby. Really she isn’t I don’t guess. I was going for a jaundiced skin tone and I sure got one lol. I had to add about 15 layers of paint to correct the yellow. She turned out OK to have been mustard colored LOL

Thanks everyone!!

Now for a stupid question… what are baby mints??

Also, do you all use Priority Mail for shipping? If so, what box size? I am having a time finding a good box so she doesn’t have to be bent. Do y’all use flat rate shipping or the calculated rate for Priority Mail?

Thanks for all the packaging tips!


Baby mints are candy mints with a wrapper that says “it’s a girl” or boy what ever the case may be, I think you can get them at the dollar store.

OH… BWAAAAAAAAAAA HAHAHAHAHA! I am such a dork at times! I bet Dollar Tree may have some LOL!

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@AmyR777 thanks for the picture! When you say you place everything in a plastic bag…do you mean the wrapped up doll too? Like a 13 gal. trash bag?

I use a extra large plastic gift bag that you can get at the Dollar Tree for a dollar. They have really cute ones for babies. I put the bag in the box over the packing peanuts, put wrapped doll inside with extra clothes and goodies as buffers on each side of doll and put my care sheet, adoption sheet on top, close and tie bag. I put packing peanuts to fill in sides and top. If I add a small container of leave in conditioner, I put it outside of plastic bag.

i reciently sold my first baby and was affraid the buyer would not be happy with her i received a text from her when she got her telling me she loves her and thinks shes beautiful and today on facebook i got tagged in a post of her new baby in her cradel
congrats on your sale

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Congratulations to you on your first. Nothing feels as good as having a satisfied mommy.

thank you