I put my tobacco $$ into doll supplies

I took the cash I would normally spend on cigarettes and purchased some kits, paints etc. I have been smoking for over half my life. The dolls are keeping me so busy, that I have been able to do something else with my hands instead of smoking. Weird consequences of doll making–not smoking almost 2 packs a day.


That is great!


Good job!! That is awesome knews! Just think about how many doll kits you’d be able to buy if you didn’t buy two packs a day! That’s a lot of kits!!
Congrats!!! :smile:

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Great way to stop smoking!

Congratulations! What a great way to start a healthier life style. Welcome to the forum Rebecca.~Diane~


I’ve hit my arbitrary baby kit limit I promised hubby no more til I get rid of a few. :worried:

They will need clothes and blankets, and pacifiers… and so on :slight_smile:

I am so happy you are not smoking anymore. I was a 3 pack a day smoker once upon a time, but I was miraculously delivered from the addiction and have never looked back. You are going to love the freedom you gain when you are not at the mercy of nicotine! And as an extra bonus you get dollies! How great is that?


How did you quit Helen, @honojane? Cold turkey? A few months ago my Dr prescribed me CHANTIX but about a week in, I started feeling lousy so I figured it must be from taking that. So I quit taking it but still have more scripts for it and just waiting for the right time to start it again. I just have to get past that lousy feeling, Dr says it should only last until I get used to the medication, maybe a week or so. But I so hate being a smoker and want to quit, I don’t smoke inside, I’m an outside smoker, in the rain and snow, I’m outside smoking a cigarette! But would so love to be freed from this disgusting addiction, I’m 33 and have been a smoker since I was 15! But so glad to hear all you that have quit, it’s a very hard thing to do!

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I know this was not directed at me but I am almost 33. Started smoking at 12… only quit when I was pregnant with my 3rd child then started up again 2 months after I had her. Then about 6 months later I decided enough was enough. How dare I steal their Mom away from my children! I put it in my head that with every cigarette I smoked I was taking time away from spending with my kids. Time we would never get back. How Selfish was I? and I kept that thinking and it drove me to quit, cold turkey.
It has been 5 years this month. :heart: And I am sooo not doing that again.


Great job!

This is great! Keep it up we are rooting for you!

I think I started smoking when I was born!! Seriously I smoked as a very young person (people did that in those days) and quit on my 10th anniversary in 1974—cold turkey, (put them down and never touched them again till this day) it’s the only way. It was really hard—guess what it did for me??? Made me FAT!!! I don’t regret it a bit, smoking is such a terrible thing for your whole entire body----anybody reading this, please quit!!!


Awesome way to quit smoking! Of course you are trading one addiction for another, but this one is way more fun!

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That’s so wonderful!! Keep up the great work!!

I quit smoking 21 years ago and I was smoking 2 packs a day. Cold turkey! Now I can’t believe I ever smoked.

Congrats on being a non-smoker!!

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Awesome way of thinking about it! My 10 year old son is terrified with all these commercials coming out with the ppl that smoke in the hospital with their oxygen tanks and vocal cords removed and ripping their teeth out and skin off when they buy a pack of smokes, he’s afraid that is going to be me and your right, how dare I steal any minute of my kids time with their mother! Thank you for posting this!