I put BB Seinna head on Adrie Stoete body

I had had Seinna on Reborns but was never very pleased with her. I re painted her head and put her on Adrie Stoete’s body I had painted for Ducklin. I like it much better, Seinna kit had 7/8 arms and full legs. Her face appears a little shiny even after varnish with baking powder twice?


Baking powder?? I’ve always heard cornstarch for a matte finish.

It is CORN Starch​:crazy_face::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. I hope n one uses the wrong thing.

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I’m a little confused, which one did you use?

My friend, your paint looks too thick. Next baby go for many thin, thin layers. My first like 5 babies all had too thick of paint so I feel your pain!! Your brows are looking good just a bit high up. Those limbs go well with that head; she is a cute kit! I can’t wait to see your next babies. :purple_heart: Keep going!

Edit: I forgot to say the thick paint can contribute to the shine you’re seeing :+1:t3:


I never heard of BB Sienna.

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It’s a discontinued kit. I am working on one now for a cuddle baby.

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Oh, tank you!

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