I pulled out my good camera today! (pic heavy)

I photographed my 3 favorite forever babies with my Sony RX10 today! Usually I just use my phone. I even pulled out belly plates for Sprout and Little Monkey, which I haven’t done in years :joy:

These are three babies I don’t think I’ll ever let go of. I’m seriously considering selling my Ryan Scholl, though, so if you’ve been looking for his kit, keep an eye out for a listing! Lol :smile:


What beautiful babies!

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Did you made them or adopted them?

Very nice!!

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Aww they are so sweet. I love sleeping babies

I adopted all three-- the LLE and Bonnie Brown babies were made by Shaylen Maxwell, and Coco Blick was painted by Joyce Angel.

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I do too! I actually usually bond better with awake babies, but for some reason, these three are the ones that have stayed in my collection all these years. There’s something really special about them for me!

Yes, I love how there are some that just “speak” to us. It’s part of the magic of this hobby