I ordered my first kit!

I ordered Meg!!! So excited! I am gonna try and use artist grade acrylics (my dad paints) so he is giving me a set until I can afford some true reborn paints. It may be a giant disaster but I can’t wait any longer!! We shall see! Fingers crossed! Any advice is more than welcome!!


You can get a set og heat set for 45 and those are beginners. Meg is a great kit. I loved working with her. And reborn with me on youtube is an awesome video series. Kim is amazing and such a soothing voice.

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Well…its down hill from here. One kit leads to 40 more, paints lead to 80 different brushes and all kinds of oderless thinner (stick with Mona Lisa), tools for opening nostrils, tools for removing crease buildup, varnishes lead to Satin or Matte and the formula gets changed, then string ties lead to cable ties, premium poly fiberfill leads to ClusterStuff, Ruby Red mohair (icky) leads to Slumberland or Delta Dawn, one tiny bear leads to PROP CIty, magnets demagnetize your PayPal card, .and the madness goes on and on till suddenly you’ve converted the kitchen into a craft room and you have to eat out every meal!!! Oh…and when the day comes that you stay in your PJs all day because you just don’t have time between baking limbs to change into your clothes :confounded::flushed::unicorn::scream:


Perfect description of what is to come for newbies! :scream:


Lol, I can see it already! I put Meg and the components to put her together on a credit card as it is so that’s why I haven’t gotten the paints yet. My dad is giving paint and brushes. I have wanted to do it for years, so I finally jumped in. I will start getting things as I can. I wish you could get supplies locally instead of having to order everything online… Thanks :blush:


Lol, yay :grin:


Thank you! I think I would prefer air dry. I have so many allergy problems and so does my little one.

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I had to get a bigger house. Seriously. And now… I need a bigger one!!! Lolol


Congratulations and good luck! There is absolutely nothing wrong with using artist grade acrylics. I have been using them for 8 yrs and love them. It’s about knowing your paints and mediums and how to use them. I use Liquitex ultra matte gel in my paint mix which helps the paint adhere to the vinyl and reduces the shine. There are several other mediums and it depends on how you want your paint to look or perform. You can research and find out what they do.
Here is one reborn that I used the Liquitex artist grade acrylics on.She has a darker skin tone, but you can mix any tone you want.


I use Liquitex Professional Soft Body Paints and love them. I mix a little bit of Liquitex Ultra Matte Gel in with my paints, and thin with distilled water. I seal with Americana Soft Touch Varnish. I love the feel of the baby’s skin with this product. I also love that I can buy everything at Michael’s.


Oh lord, I already need a bigger house. I am screwed lol.

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Gorgeous, thank you! Love the advice!

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Yes! You are who gave me the idea! This will help me get a jump on this “hobby” instead of waiting for the money for everything. I have the ultra matte I just need to get the varnish. Thank so much!

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I love @Blissfulbabies description, I think I am halfway there, lol. I am ready to try another paint though, probably will be Soft Body Paints.


What do you use now?

YES! Its addicting, welcome! xD @Blissfulbabies



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It really is a hill! And I’m glad I’m not the only one!

Edited to say: Would anyone that has done babies in acrylics post more examples, I loved looking at @rainbows!! Think @Renauta427 and I could use inspiration!!

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Yes great idea!

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@Renauta427 Waterborne, I like it. Sometimes I can’t seem to get even coverage. I don’t like the Slo-Dri Medium, someone told me I must have the old one. Also as I prefer alternative babies and need different colors. I am doing regular babies too. Working on - 4 need to glue hair, 5 rooting, 6 in line for rooting, 7 drying for a few days. 8 and 9 are waiting on the table. Number 10 is in the bucket to be washed. Then taking a break while we move next month. They are all my practice babies that I am giving to my family after the move (Box Openings). I am so worried about the babies in the move, lol.