I need your advice

Hello ladies and gents , I have been out of the loop for 7 months now .Im not really complaining because I have a beautiful 7 month old foster baby Who I absolutely adore to snuggle and love on but I miss painting . I also just got an amazing deal on a bunch of kits that I would love to start .My question is how do you balance everyday life and still find time to reborn .Covid 19 has me home full time now but that means the whole family is home too making more daily chores and tasks for me .

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I stay up late and sacrifice my sleep.


Find an hour when everyone is quiet and busy or while their watching a movie . Usually my perfect hour is right after dinner .


Can they help some with the daily chores and tasks? It will make them feel important and useful. I had a friend who had a husband and 4 kids and worked full time. On Saturdays she ran herself ragged getting everything done. It took her half the day. When she delegated tasks, and they all helped, it took an hour.


I started putting my daughter down for quiet time an hour before bedtime. She gets to do some quiet activity to wind down for sleep. I paint during that time and for a while after she falls asleep, then I try to get up and paint for an hour or two before she gets up.

Welcome back. :blush:


Good question! Some Mamas are so productive that I am always admire how they manage to do it!