I need to get the hang of things again!

Just realized that I gave my friend her baby without taking any photos. Good thing she’s only a few houses down the road but expecting the day I give one away without being able to take photos later. Almost forgot to do the white part of the nails, ran out of alpaca and had to find a new place to order more from a new farm since the other farm is gone, took multiple times to do the eyelashes because I had forgotten how to do them (lol, actually had to take a break for the night to do the second eye!), realized I forgot to put some kind of diaper on under her dress, and on and on. I guess long breaks have a steeper relearning curve than I expected. And I picked now of all times to switch the type of paints to air dry since it hurts to get up and down to the oven. Could make my daughter do the baking but she gets tired of the ten minute period and then having to stop what she is doing to move parts for me. Determined to at least make some of the kits I have here!


Welcome back DJ…

So happy to see you here!

I’ve really missed you two over the last few years and the encouragement! And missed talking to everyone else. Lol, now I feel like I need to make up by rushing but it really, really isn’t smart to try to rush painting these. Experimenting with Golden paint since right now my hip can’t take the up and down of baking. Fortunately Caitlyn at 22 is still at home so she’s going to be my baker….she just doesn’t know it yet!