I need some advise about using thread on the looms

i have a little girl whom will receive oen of the preemies I am making and her fav colors are orange and purple. My question is how is the easiest way to switch colors in doing a cocoon or would it be better to use thin thread and use both colors at once? Has anyone done that?

Do you mean baby yarn, or thread? You can knit or crochet with double yarns so I don’t see it as a problem, however you will have to watch not to create tangles. I knit on needles, not looms, but you should be able to use two strands of yarn

Hi Debora when I switch colors on loom I end yarn where I started then start with new yarn in same spot. To end I make slip knot and put on last peg and knit, then start new yarn with slip knot and start knitting. Julie

Ty all