I need help!

I totally forgot that expresso prisma pencil turns yellow if you bake it and I bake it on my Leif kit! It can’t get it off, I’ve tried thinner, brush cleaner, and some thinner with a tiny bit of paint remover and nothing is working! How can I get it off without ruining his paint?

Can you go over it with a brown prisma that doesn’t turn yellow? (If you can’t get it off any other way, of course)

I don’t know if Removezit or Windsor & Newton would take the stain out without ruining the paint.

I’m sorry that happened. :frowning:

I tried going over it with a darker brown but it didn’t really work, ofc it’s the front of the head

expresso is sooooo bad!

I used it on eyebrows… once

I had to remove paint to bare vinyl but it even stained that yellow!

So I had to repaint and build the skin back up and was able to cover it…

Yours is much larger. I do not think it can be covered.

I think you will have to strip him


Why do you want to bake pencils ?

Oh you poor dear!

That happened to before as well. Stained so badly even after stripping. I never had it turned this bright yellow before.

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Typically baking after using the pencils sets & seals them. I notice it helps with smudging as well when painting. I seal mine with GHSP varnish still however after finishing the painted hair. HOWEVER Some colors will have crazy reactions when heated.


If you absolutely don’t want to strip, you can try to go ginger

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I use airdry and never baked a kit. Never had any issues with pencils. I use airdry varnish too.

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Sorry I had to ask by looking at your Nuwave behind the head - does your oven has cracks and still bakes ok? The reason why I ask is because I nocked off the table my umber dome recently and it cracked. Hubby wants to try to repair it, but I am not sure if t will hold temperature.

If you need a new amber dome and can’t find one anywhere else, I suggest www.nuwavenow.com because I’ve even looked at used and some charge crazy shipping fees when you can buy a brand new one for cheaper.

I baked with cracks until a piece fell off of it…then it was time for a new one. My hubby said that small piece was fine, but I’m sorry, I didn’t trust it and stopped painting till the new one came in.


I used mine with duct tape over cracks for a year before it finally fell apart. Up until then it still worked fine.


I had luck once getting baked Prisma off with 99% rubbing alcohol, when WN didn’t work. That was the only time I needed to do it so can’t guarantee it will work but it’s worth a try. It removes paint also though, in a crazy efficient way so you may have to end up stripping if you can’t match or don’t end up just painting over with brown or making a ginger :frowning:

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My oven does have some cracks, I’ve taped it and works fine

I’ve decided I’m going to try and root hair on him instead to cover it up

  1. Stripping will tone it down but not remove it.

  2. You may need to paint over it, or you can try using flesh washes, several layers to tone it down after you strip.

  3. Nuwave cracks… I always crack them! Grrrr… tape, duct or good packing tape in the outside will get you a lot more life, it isn’t pretty but it works. I tried crazy glue but it didn’t work for me.

(I hate orange and yellow pencils they are unpredictable)