I need help pricing June!

I’m going to sell my 7 month June awake, I just don’t know what to price her! She’s from my personal collection. I made her just over 2 months ago, she just doesn’t get much love :pensive:

She’s 25"-26", 12 lbs 5 Oz, painted with ghsp, prisma pencil hair, and comes with many accessories.


She’s totally beautiful and sweet, no visible flaws at all that I see! I don’t know what you usually sell for, so please forgive me if I’m totally off, but I would sell her for between $300 and $400.


Thank you! I was thinking around that range, just wanted to see other’s opinions. I usually sell a small newborn around $250 so that’s fine :grin:


May I suggest to lighten-up her a little? 12.5 lb it’s a lot of weight for a doll even as big as June.

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