I need help! Custom baby

I need help trying to find a kit for a customer. It’s of her son who died… the picture is old but if anyone can help me I would appreciate it. Thanks!

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BB Rowan?


Timone maybe?

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Nevermind I think he may be sold out… unless you can order from Australia… (I think)

She didn’t like Timone, and Rowan is a possibility. What do you think about Emilia by Natali Blick LE. Thanks for all the help!

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Leontyne by Danielle Zweers or Bo Elle by Adrie Stoete. MacPherson’s has both.

Emilia makes a beautiful AA baby.

Emilia looks perfect!

I think she is going to go with this one. Wish I had better pictures of him.


I think that is a great match.

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Wow…that is a good match!

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It would be surprising if you could do any better than that one! Has she considered having the photos retouched and finished- could give you much more detail and her- precious memories.

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I didn’t think of that, I will suggest it n see what she says…it would definitely help me out!

There are places that make old photos look new again! She may need to research where in her area they do great work though. Good luck- hope it helps!

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Thank you!

Please share updates! Good match.

Thank you, I will.