I need bodies!

who can I order from since Carmen is in break?

Lorraine at daldnursery.com makes them.
Emily Jameson at babiesbyemily.com has some in stock.
Janie makes them. http://reborndollbodies.webs.com/


I think Lorraine at DALDnursery.com makes them as well. I buy my paints from Lorraine and she is fabulous to deal with.
nanasbabystuff.com Is Cathy Rowland’s mother. I have used her long time ago.
Spearsons bodies are very nice but they are expensive.

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Thank you sooooo much!!!

I contacted Janie from the link you sent:-)

Actually… I went with Lorainne!!! Thank you ladies!!! She is so nice!!!


I have them all bookmarked now. I have Chelle’s patterns so I really need to get some material and try it myself. I like the bodies for the Realborns and don’t mind altering the other bodies but BB doesn’t have full-leg, 3/4 arm bodies for larger babies. :confused:


They should right? I ordered Gabriel’s body from bb and Mavie and Libby’s from Lorraine at dale❤️

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I keep meaning to contact them to see if they’d add that body style for the larger size but I haven’t, yet.

Did you check the graveyard, yet?

Just kidding :laughing:

I’ve heard Lorraine has excellent service. I just bought some paint from her on Sunday and it should be here Thursday. Hope you get those bodies soon!


Lololol good one Becca​:smiley::smiley::smiley:

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I ordered Libby while on special last night. What kind of special body did you get for her?

I asked Lorraine for a 3/4 limb body, chubby style with a butt and chest taken in a bit. :smiley::heart:️:smiley::heart:️ she was familiar with Libby, so I told her just to do her magic! :dizzy:

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Okay, who’s Lorraine? I figured it out yesterday, but I forgot in the interim. (Senior moment)

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Dald nursery! Is Lorraine! :heart:

Thanks Nik, Duh!

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Lorraine ships kits and paints very fast. I hear great things about her bodies too.