I need a reborn

does anyone know where i can get a reborn for 150 or less (i got the ok to go a bit higher in price lol)

Morgan, have you looked on reborns.com?

There’s one on here for $150


yes but i cant find any in my price range that i like

Try Facebook dolls under 150

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In the last topic you posted about this I sent a ebay search link for all the reborns on ebay under $150 and in the US. :slight_smile:

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You won’t have too many options in this price range. Maybe save up more so you’ll have more to choose from.


Maybe you shouldn’t be so fussy, all these little darlings will win your heart once you get one. I have 4 on my etsy site for $150.00 and other sites have some too. Save up alittle longer if need be, pick what you want and work toward it.


you guys do great jobs i will talk it through with my parents

she is great but i will have to convince the parants lol

Didn’t your mom already approve earlier? :sweat_smile:

ya but for higher prices i have to convince them @izzy

Here’s one on ebay:


i absalutly fell in love wwith this one but its to expencive lol why do i even look at them

i could maybe pay a bit more after we move on december 1

Your doll is very pretty. Reborn dolls are one of a kind. Each one is made individually. Why on your listing can you buy many?


The doll you posted. http://www.rebornconnection.com/just-born-nursery/reborn-dolls/31-fair-haired-sweetheart.html has a add to cart with a number 1 or more. How many that you want for 250 dollars. The dolls that are on this forum are one of a kind. Each one is hand painted.

ya i am saying i want this one but cant affored it

I like an original. The posting has others like it, so in my opinion there is a duplicate. I think you should keep looking.