I’m obsessed with these gold lame’ pants

Y’all I now own two pair of these pants. I kinda wish I was small enough to wear a grown up pair :joy:


They’re pretty cute. I haven’t been small enough to wear gold lame pants since I was nine. LOL


Sassy! :star_struck:
Just make sure that those sparkles will not stack to a vinyl. I tried headband with some golden glitter printed on it and now the head has all sparky particals that very hard to get rid of.


Omg I so need that onesie!!

@SouthernLullabies, my Walmart had them on sale.


I went to look last night, checked 3 and only found them in 6 months, I need a newborn or 0/3 lol. There is like 8 Walmarts within 15 miles here so I’ll have to keep checking lol

I think there was a 0-3 at mine the other day. I will check for you if you want.