I love everything about this baby ~

I don’t know the artist, but this has got to be the cutest, most realistic Tanner I’ve ever seen :heart: He truly looks like a newborn baby! I hope the seller gets a great price; he’s darling. This is not an easy kit to bring to “life” in my opinion but this one melts my heart.


Hes adorable!!! Tanner has always been a favorite of mine. he just has that newborn look that is just as precious as can be. I agree, hoping the artist gets a nice deal with him.

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He is a cutie for sure.

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Definitely cute!

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She has a few other babies listed and the photos are all poor quality and I am afraid the buyer might be disappointed in the actual baby. What do you all think? I agree that this kit is a challenge though!


I think the baby is adorable in the photos. Of course, like you said, can’t exactly tell what it’ll look like in person and from past experience, I’d be wary buying. Still cute though! Love the poses and I think this kit is so newborn!

Who thinks Tanner would make a great BB challenge baby? I think that’d be awesome!


Tannaer is on sale now .

It happens! :laughing:

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