I know who my next preorder is

I am slowly becoming a collector of her sculpts. They just have so much personality :heart_eyes:


Ooooh yeah!! Bonnie’s babies are the best!

Oh she’s so cute!

I love Bonnie babies

She’s really cute, but her awake babies give me fits when setting the eyes. Will have to think on this one. Has she given an ETA on when she will be available for preorders?


I think this one is still in clay - no vinyl proof. The eyes always give me fits, too. I cussed Ellie Sue for a literal hour trying to set her eyes, but she was worth it :slight_smile:


It’s always that one eye!!!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I love both her and baby Laura! I need them both for sure.


Oh how precious!! I hadn’t seen her yet! How sweet

I need to stop looking. My wish list is getting up there: Louisa, Laura, Twins A and B, Maddie, and now Trouble.


I’m waiting for LLE Charlotte

Whelp, I have Shaya, Eloisa, and Trouble preordered. I feel like preordering is kinda dangerous…like going down the rabbit hole dangerous :flushed: I don’t think I will be placing any more after this.