I have to give up reborning babies

LOL on the caps lock! I am a finger watcher not a screen watcher too!!
I hope there is no prescription for being allergic to housecleaning!!

You ladies have made me feel so much better. i think I’ll stay and keep reborning. The house will be dirty again 10 minutes after I clean it so why bother anyway. Clean is over-rated.

so is that why im covered in dust? its the babies isnt it?

we can always hire a maid with the baby making money lol

Margie, first, I commend you for going through a second round of raising children. I also commend you for having them do some chores. I think that is a huge part of the problem with today’s youth. They are not being taught responsibilities. Keep up the good work with them.

I am having post partum depression. Ever since I realized my babies are old and so am I !! How depressing!
I love the term doula, you just dont hear it very often.

Oh no!! I hope you won’t have to give it up completely How about you set daily house goals for yourself, and then once they are all finished, you can reborn your dolls? : )

vaccum cleaner , is that the thing i keep running into in the hallway. it has wheels and plugs in to a socket, im sure thats what it is,i think i put it there so i would have to walk into it or around it, obviously the dust has built a wall up around it, mystery solved, ha ha. marlene

no marlene the vacuum cleaner is that thingy in the corner holding the winter coats that havent been put away yet !!

oh maybe i should check under my winter coates , somethings holding them up as well, not sure if i want to know whats under them, could be my grandkids they came here when they got out of school whoops, i wondered why they hadnt be around lately lol marlene

Im sure its not the grandkids. if they were under there since school let out, they would have been complaining about the I’m Boreds by now!! Cant advise what else it might be though, so be careful!!

yeh your probably right on that since they said they were bored the day after they got out. i will let you know if it starts moving, then i would be out of here taking the dust with me ha ha

It could be the dust bunnies reproducing under there !!