I have an obsession

Help. I have an obsession with making bald boys… Also, Bonnie Brown kits


I personally love bald babies! I think your boys are adorable!

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Adorable! I love Bonnie Brown kits!

I love Baldies too

Love them!!!

They are ADORBS!!!:heart:

Same. I was going to get Scarlett this week but decided to get americus instead. Which I will end up turning into a boy somehow :joy:

I love your Twin A!!

So do I. He’s my current favourite

Understandably so :blush: they are too stinkin cute!!!

Aww I’m so jealous!! Can’t I have just one?? :kissing_heart:

You could buy a boy Laura lee Eagles torso and swap them out😋

I’m not a fan of the torso in the first place so I probably won’t even use it

I love Bonnie’s kits!

They are adorable. I love the little one with the ears sticking out. I have never seen that one. Which one is he?

That’s Sally by bonnie brown

Feel free to send those boys to my house :wink: love them. I love Bonnie’s kits too.

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