I hate to do this but

has anyone heard from @wispywillowrebo ? she is supposed to be making my custom reborm and communication has been spotty :unamused:

I made a deposit payment on the 17th of June, spoke with her last about the baby around the 1st of July when she told me I would have WIP pictures by Tuesday the 5th. Tuesday came and went and I noticed some of you all were looking for her and the Traveling pants box. I saw someone reached her on FB. she contacted me about the messages I sent her on Wednesday, sent me a picture of something else that I asked about but not my baby. I was told she was on her way home and that she would send pictures at that time… that was 3 days ago. I sent her another message here and on FB. I was supposed to make payment yesterday but never herd from her here, on FB or with a invoice. I generally like to keep business dealings private but I dont know what else to do.

I understand life gets busy sometimes but all I asked was to at least stay in communication and be upfront if there were any issues. Ive been burned before because another artist gave me the run around about my baby that was supposedly done but never made it to the post office. come to find out, my baby was never started. I am willing to wait months if need be for my baby but I need to know whats going on. If anyone knows other ways to reach out to her please have her contact me ASAP.


I am sure she will be on soon.

thank you @jlesser!

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thank you I replied to your pm!

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