I got Ashley!

I have been eyeing this baby and wanting her but kept telling myself I did not need to buy another kit. When I saw her on sale yesterday I put her in my cart with some bodies I needed to order. Then I took her out and walked away for a while. Then I came back and put her back in the cart and said to myself, “It is only$30 Angie!” I hit send before I could change my mind. I am SO glad I did because today she is not on sale! They didn’t have the body for her though so if anyone has an extra one for sale please let me know.


I just started her and don’t have a body either :unamused: lol

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I reborned her and she is the most beautiful preemie baby! I got her body from Marita Winters site.

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OH fab which body was it that you got that fits her?

The 18 inch one

Started reborning her and I like her a lot. I wanted to buy another one yesturday to but they had no body , so maybe later one day she may come up on sale again

I’m glad you did! I bought seconds lot of her for 35. So I am jealous of you now! But I couldn’t wait. You will love her. She begs to come to life and she does so quickly.

I keep talking myself out of this kit because I have too many already, but I really want her!

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@anjsmiles Body #1458 or #8827 fits Ashley perfectly! The length of either body from neck to crotch is approximately 8 inches. For body #2081 or #7453 from neck to crotch measures about 8 1/2".

Isn’t Ashley only 17 inches? Those bodies are for 19 inch babies… I would think the torso would look a little long.

What about Marita Winters’ Leighton Rose’s body?

no it fits perfect, the body they have for her is 8 1/2 inches neck to crotch and this body is 8 inches. neck to crotch. On my Logan I used the body that was intended for Logan Asleep, after assembly and snipping the zipties I saw that the torso is so long. I’ll be swapping out that body it looks horrible, maybe they sent me the wrong one? Not likely since it had the correct body # on the bag.

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I got her too. Had to after I saw how cute she was at ROSE.

Ashley is on my wish list. Hate I missed her. Not sure why I didn because i was certainly on there. :blush:

Yahoo Angie look forward to seeing your version she is a beautiful kit. I also ordered Summer Rain’s bodies for my two and I have tried the limbs in and it looks perfect. I make my bodies but at those prices and they are great fits I decided why get the sewing machine out :slight_smile:

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Well I actually ordered 2 Summer Rain bodies in this order. One for my Naomi kit and the other one as an extra just because I am often needing them. So hopefully, it will work on her and I can just use the extra one I got.

yes 1458 fits perfect;!