I give up I will never understand people!

I can not believe someone bid on this. It does not even look like an albino.
http://www.ebay.com/itm/REBORN-OOAK-ART … 4609962dbc

She is certainly not “overdone”… I think it looks rather sweet though and someone spent a lot of time rooting it…

Not realistic, they probably wouldn’t wear clothes or nail polish in the wild either (Hah!) - but cute none the less. After all - fairies aren’t real and we love them too. Looks like someone just had a good time and some imagination.

Thats a little scary.

I think some mother or grandmother is very excited right now about giving that cute little monkey to a sweet little girl on Christmas…

I think if dog owners can paint nails, dress up and put bows in their hair this is perfectly acceptable. My daughter would love this one just to sit on her desk.