I found this poll interesting

From the collectors point of view


That is very good info! Thanks for sharing it!


Looks like I’m in the minority with just wanting the basics. I’d like the majority of the cost going towards getting a great doll and having it safely sent. I can always find clothing to suit my tastes afterwards. That way I’m not left wondering how much nicer of a doll I could have had if not for all the goodies. Those extras would likely be regifted or donated if I didn’t care for them. On the other hand, I can totally see purchasing a set of matching or curated things separately so I knew exactly what I was getting rather than random surprises.


I prefer basics in selling photos. It lets me see the baby better. I think a ruffled vintage dress is super cute, but it distracts from the baby.
But I can understand wanting a normal, cute outfit.


Yes, As beautiful as the glamour shots are, I wish sellers would always include the basics as well. I’m constantly emailing asking for pix of the doll undressed back and front, and often the bottoms of the feet, and, a better look at the hair without a headband or hat on. I feel like some kind of perv asking, and it wastes time. But I need to know what I’m buying, it’s the doll itself that I’m potentially investing it. These aren’t the flattering shots, but they’re important.


It’s very smart of you to ask all of these questions. I’m bookmarking this post so I can make sure to include these pictures on listings. Thanks!


I completely agree, as an artist providing photos of the baby in a basic item, like a onesie really helps the buyer. Providing all the closeup details just save time later.


For me a white onzie,hat,diaper and socks and a white magnetic pacifer.Every body taste are different, so other clothing,for me is not necessary.Also just wrap up the reborn with a blanket and tissue paper for a save trip.


Yes, or bubble wrap. And hopefully the doll is in plastic to protect against rain or snow and a possibly soggy box.:+1:


I am all for cute basics. I don’t expect mama have the same taste as me, so it’s up to her to ‘spoil’ that baby. What important to me is a thick blanket secured with ribbons, bubble wrap, and all that wrapped up in the clear plastic bag to protect from the weather.


Yep I agree. I send in a sleeper because it protects baby best. Then simple onesies or an outfit for funsies.