I finally did it

I am tired of FB and the FB reborn sell sites which get me only people trying to scam me. “Will you take 6 payments?”…for a baby that cost 190 euro mind you and I knew what was coming but played along anyway and told them that I would be fine with that but that I wouldn’t send the baby until he was paid for. Guess what? She wasn’t happy with that idea :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Anyway, I have gotten two custom orders from my own FB page so I won’t complain too much but this afternoon I took all my babies off the sell sites and put the first one on reborns.com. My nursery name is Reborns by Zebra and my real name is April Anjard. I went ahead and tried the Gold Level just for the first month or two. Im hoping this works eventually because I need to sell these babies…only because they are piling up :smile:. I just don’t want to have to go back to evilbay. I live in France but will ship anywhere.


Good luck! I’m also tired of getting the messages like “what’s the lowest you would take” or “can you lower the price” etc. I used to explain that I couldn’t and why, but now I just respond with a direct no. It seems to stop most of them but it is obnoxious when the doll is already way cheaper than it should be.
Hopefully you sell well on reborns.com :slight_smile: I’ve been tempted to try it but haven’t yet


Exactly. Now I just say that the price is firm. End of story lol If they ask again I just reply “no” and that’s it. They usually stop then.


I’ve had great selling experiences on Reborns.com. Hope it works well for you too!


I put in my description on Reborns that I don’t respond to messages asking me to lower my price. I also do not respond to questions such as payment plans or anything else that I have stated in my auction. If they aren’t going to spend the time reading my auction, then I don’t waste my time responding.


You should try to list your auctions here…It’s a new group just getting started up but it could use more people listing auctions…Redirecting...

You can list blank kits, supplies, reborns, painted kits, clothes it’s like Ebay without the fee’s.


I will try that out if reborns doesn’t work out for me. I don’t want to sell in more than one place at a time. Thank you everyone. I hope things work out well there. It will take me several days to list all my babies since I have to wait 24 hours in between listings.


That’s a good idea. I will update mine to include that as well.