I finally did it!

Last night I finished giving Raine some THICK blonde hair…not exactly what I planned, but he was the first rooting job for me. It took about 15 hours total, I learned a lot, and was (don’t laugh) thrilled to feel the mohair catch against my fingers as it rooted! It was awesome, and not as scary as I thought it would be. I’ll post pix; he’s in desperate need of a haircut first. I’m actually looking forward to the next head! Is that normal?

You GO, girl! Can’t wait to see pictures!

Thank you everyone! I took pictures last night, figured out my new camera, and now just have to FIND where they went in my computer!!! That little imp has a smirk on his face, and I must say, he was the most troublesome baby to take care of. but he makes up for it in cuteness.
Yes, the 3 little kids are my 3 babes from years ago, now ages 34, 32, and 31—diapers galore! My husband wanted 10; (what’s he know, he’s an only child!), but sometimes I wish I had more, or some still at home, or some nearby grandchildren…

Can’t wait to see pics!! I just rooted my first baby as well. He turned out with a TON of hair… I didn’t intend for it to be that way either! LOL! But i think it looks pretty good!!! I too am very excited to do the next head. I am gonna make this one sparse though! I have been doing alot of research

Awesome!! Great I am glad you are excited and you well should be!!

Congrats on your first rooting. I get excited everything I finish rooting a head and start planning on my next and try to make the next look better than my last.

Well, that little wise guy Raine ended up with nice thick hair, and now I’m working on hubby’s baby “Roberto Clemente,” and trying to do sparse. What a trip. Sparse is more difficult than thick!
Tried to find my pictures loaded onto my laptop; haven’t found them yet! Yikes!