I feel real dumb right now!

So I finished my first reborn (sugar). All weekend she sat in a basket with her faux body (blanket) and I wanted to squeeze her. Today I put her together for my daughter and ever since I have just been like ehhh. Kinda disappointed. Well I kept looking and looking at her because she just looked off. Well, I put her whole body on backwards…yep I twisted her head around and was like ooooohhhhhh thats the front! Lol :joy: Too embarrassed to show a picture because I am sure you vets will spot it instantly.


Dont feel dumb. Pretty sure we’ve all done that at some point. Lol before they started adding tushies the front and back look A LOT alike


I don’t have any cable ties so I will have to go get some and fix it tomorrow. I am cracking up at how obvious it looks now. Oh geez, smh.


The older body styles should have the hole for the cable ties at the back…

The realborn bodies have the hole on the right side of the neck…

Hope that helps. (at least that’s how all the bodies I have bought are).


@jlesser Awesome! Thanks, this is the cheapy regular BB body with ties. Hope I can find some to fit!

Also remember that Sugar, Honey and Chanel all have the special style of body with full jointed legs and 3/4 arms.

They had hips. Also @Awise1to put her cute reborn on a realborn body and it worked! I bet she will show you a picture once she isnt busy. Or you can look here.



Haha that happened to me with her too. I think is the shape of that body.


@jlesser yes, I have the jointed sugar body, I just meant the cheapest one, lol. I saw that post, I think she is so cute all ways that’s why I kept trying to figure out why mine looked so weird :upside_down_face:

@mcurbelo yeah all the limbs were facing that way so I went with it, lol :joy:



Aww adorable. She most be so happy.


@mcurbelo yes, she balled when I said I have to take her apart. I think she thought it would take weeks like the doll did, lol!


Not sure if you are aware… so if not…

You can buy bundles of cable ties at BB and replace the strings in the cheaper body with them. :slight_smile:

(sometimes they are hard to get through but after some work it should go)


@jlesser thank you! That’s great! Hopefully I can find some locally in the mean time to fix this one. I hate to spend $7.95 shipping!


@wispywillowrebo awesome! Thank you!!

@anon72659292 well if you did it I feel much better! You are awesome!

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I needed to laugh today thanks.

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@babymaw stick with me girl, I am always doing dumb stuff lol! I try not to take things too seriously!

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Me to but I really am blonde.

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@babymaw lol! I am a brunette but my brother always says my roots are blonde :joy: