I caved in!

Well i caved in and decided to purchase Twin A. I had her on a 3 month layaway with MacPhersons and paid her of about 4 days ago and just received her 15 mins ago!!. This kit is so little but has a lot of detail…is she able to take a full newborn binkie or would i need to modify it?


She doesn’t take every paci but is able to take some of them. Others I cut the tip off and she can then take it.

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Any idea which kind would work best? Ill have to look and see if i have the smallest size nuk brand pacifier. That may work and like you have done i can cut the tip off if it doesnt fit all the way :smiley:

I’ve heard gumdrop and soothies work well


I have got quite a few soothies…the people on the walmart maintenance crew know i paint these babies and so every time they find a paci on the floor they give them to me…lol



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That’s so awesome!!

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I love the twins! I just have Twin B, but I’m hoping to get Twin A soon :slight_smile: There are several videos on youtube that show what pacifiers will work with Twin A. I just searched ‘Twin A pacifiers’ and already came up with several instant results.