I am so mad myself!

I did one of the no no’s in reborning. I didnt pay attention to the thinner i bought before i moved. So today i opened the thinner and mixed my paint. Crap i didnt gry the oderless thinner. So i thought ok i’ll still use it cause i was out of my mona lisa thinner. Ok, i bvought this one cause it was cheaper and i got a whole lot more. Anyways i noticed the color was not showing on the vinyl like it usually did but once again i didnt think of anything. Well 3 hrs later i looked at my libs and head and thought this is not looking like Lara’s native american doll is. So i thought ok maybe it was sitting unopened for almost 3 months so maybe i should shake the gallon. Double crap!!! once i shook it and poured some out it was white. I BOUGHT THE WHITE THINNER!!! So now i have to wait till friday to get the mons lisa oderless thinner. Leason learned, READ THE LABEL BEFOR YOU BUY IF YOU ARE NOT BUYING YOUR USUAL THINNER.

Maggie do you have a Hobby Loby by you? That’s were i buy mine. Michaels sells it too. Cheaper at Michaels.

Oh no!!! Ugggh I would be so ticked. Hope you get your right thinner soon!

I did Katie. My son took me to Hobby Lobby last night. One thing i noticed the whit thinner leaves a dewy effect. now to try and correct the coloring without having to strip all the paint off. This is OOAK for sure!

At least now you have a way to get the dewy effect! Don’t know if you like it or if it is too much. I’m deciding that half of this hobby is going “oh,no, I forgot…!” Seems to catch me every time. Like going to JoAnn’s and getting everything but the stuffing I came for. Or thinking I’m done with a baby and realizing it doesn’t have eyebrows. Or stripping a kit for the 2nd time because it still doesn’t look right. Just hang in there with the rest of us idiots…we will survive!!!

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I wish I new which mineral spirits to buy at Walmart. I have to order Mona Lisa thinner online. Shipping is getting too expensive.

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In the craft department of WalMart, they sell an odorless thinner in about a 3-4 oz bottle that is like the Mona Lisa odorless thinner… I wish I still had the bottle, and I would tell you the brand… It is not in the household paint department though, it is where they sell art supplies… Good luck…