I am so disapointed

I have been buying fantastic mouth blown eyes directly from Germany from Lauschaer company, and up till now was very happy with all the eyes I got.
Few months back I wanted very special light blue eyes and they had just the “forget-me-not” colour I was after. After waiting a considerable time they finally arrived last week and they were absolutely awful. They were more pink than blue! OK in the catalog these eyes do have rim of pink around the pupil, but they look blue. Those I got one looks pink with just a rim of blue around the outside, and the other is about 1/2 pink. When I contacted the company I was told that I got exactly what I ordered, I told him I want to send them back, and I was told they do not accept returns. Unfortunately to send them back by trackable means for PP refund would cost me more than 1/2 of what I paid for them.

These eyes are very difficult to photograph because they are made in layers and the camera picks up the outer layer, blue in this case, more than the underlying pink, while our eyes pick up the underlying reflection. So I had to enhance the photo to show what it looks like.

What size are they?

I can see why you would be disappointed: no human child has eyes that colour.

Maybe you can sell them to someone who does fantasy dolls. They would make good fairy eyes.


LOL that’s why I asked the size!

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I was gonna say the same thing, fairy baby!
If you can find a fairy kit that matches these eye size then why not go for it :smile:

they are size 20; is that too big for fantasy dolls? But also they are rather uneven. When looking from a distance one looks quite pink, and the other very pale opaque mauvy color. It is disgusting that they send something to m all the way in Australia, no doubt knowing that postage back would hardly make claim worthwhile. I can send them back as a large letter without tracking for $3. I might see what would PP say. If i make a booboo i just wear it, not send it to somebody for full price.

Sorry Ludmila, I hope that you can find a reasonable solution for these eyes.

Guess I will have to make pink eyed fairy baby :slight_smile: Guess I will have to buy another kit; all those I have are either sleepers or need 22 eyes LOL

No, I am not going to be making pink eyed fairy. The eyes look too different. I put the eyes in one kit I have, and one eye is just too pink, much more obviously than in the photo. :frowning:

Wow! That’s a huge difference! I kinda like those eyes for myself! How much would you want to sell & ship to Canada (Postal M1N 2R6). I make alternative reborns, and those would be fab! PM me! PS doesn’t have to be super fast shipping - I don’t need them next week, but that would definitely be up my alley.

Sorry dot, but I am sending them back. I opened PP case and in no time at all I got message the seller refunded. So i am sending them back for $3 without tracking.


Good for you! If you were stuck, I would certainly buy them. But since you have an option, I’m all good, dear. Happy you’ve sorted it!

Yay! Glad you resolved this. I agree with dot, though, they were different enough for a fantasy baby.