I am booked!

OMGosh ladies, I just booked my flight to ROSE!!! I so excited I just can’t wait to see you all there!!! I still have to figure out how to get to and from the airport but I guess I’ll figure it out. I think I read on the ROSE site something about the EXPRESS Shuttle, I’ll go check that out, EXCITED !!!


That sounds like so much fun! I don’t have the money to go this year, but hoping for next year! Did you sign up for any classes?

Sorry, NO. I’m just barely making it to the show, No $$ for classes, I wished but just not going to happen.

I am going to my first time cant wait and meet all you ladies


I can not go this year but I can not wait to see everyone’s photos from Rose and meeting others. It sounds like a blast, maybe next year I will be able to go :smile:

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Yea, Lynn! :slight_smile:

Woohoo…wish I was going too…can you fly across to Oz and put me in your suitcase and take me back with you??? :smile:

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I gotta get my flight booked soon too. Congrats Lynn!! Can’t wait to see you there

OXOXOXO…Thank you SOOOOO much! heehee :smile:

Me too Mandy, There was one specific flight I wanted and it was already booked solid for the date I needed so I had to go with another carrier, which actually turned out ok since it turned out to be cheaper.

Oh I wish I was closer , so I could come too ! I would love to meet you all !! I don’t think they ever have many dollie shows in Canada where I am . Any Canadians out there that know of any local shows in B.C. Canada ?? :heart_eyes: :hatched_chick: :heart: :blue_heart: :green_heart:

I am in Vancouver BC but I don’t know…I was searching a while ago but nothing …I may try Seattle ?

You ladies in BC Canada—are you sure it’s too far? I’m in SD County, southern California so it’s a good ways for me too. I would sure love to meet some of our Canadian members!!! Please try to go!!!

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I wish I could drive Natasha but it’s too far for me since I am getting pretty old and I sure wouldn’t want to break down on the way!!! I kinda freak thinking about stuff like that----I don’t like to fly either but if I want to go----well that’s the way to get there!!! And believe me—I WANT TO GO!! This will probably be the only time I will get to do this so I am doing it!!

I’m staying right there at the Hilton. I booked the hotel October 1st and they had already sold out all the room that had been designated for the doll show people. I didn’t care about that though as long as I got in. I couldn’t believe how quickly those rooms went. That’s great that you are getting to take your kids, I’m sure they are going to love the planetarium.