HUSBAND wants a baby!

I couldn’t help but laugh when he brought me a picture of a baby that was an ad for JC Penney portraits in my bill! He wants a baby that looks exactly like the baby in the ad, a chubby little one with a hat. He got a little defensive, and I’m still chuckling, but will have to keep an eye out for a look-alike! He’s infected! that must mean I can order more kits!

Yep since he wants one now you know that means you can order more!

AWWWWWW dont ya just love that !!!Post a pic of the pic and see what everyone thinks is a match !!!

Love it…gives making babies a whole new meaning.

I might could use some pointers on how to get the husband more interested!!! That is awesome!!!

[size=14]My favorite pudgy baby is Libby. Even the men in my life end up picking her up! Here is a photo of my Libby.[/size]

Thanks for the encouragement and laughs! Yep, I’m in the market for a pleasingly plump, open wide brown eyes baby. I’m afraid I’m going to end up liking him/her more than hubby, and won’t want him to have it! I’ll have to tell him to make his own! I’m still laughing at him…you can do that after 37 years of marriage!

Rose, those are great babies! I have to admit I like the little chunky ones, too! If I stick with BB, it will be: Nolan, Holly, or Lilly. And I don’t have any advice about getting a husband to “buy in” to this crazy craft…he did our IRS taxes tonight and told me how much $ we had made for the year, and all I can think is “where did it go?” But actually, I know where LOTS of it went! I think once I started collecting, I had one he really liked and said it was his because he liked the **** eating grin on his face! He claimed that one for his own; thankfully it had a twin girl, so I got to keep that one, at least! Now that I’ve got almost all of 2 dolls behind me (!) he’s pretty impressed with them…he’s the only one! I’ll put up pix ASAP, will need daughter-in-law to help me. Rhonda

Well, BB just read my mind (or message! ) because Lilly just went on sale, so Lilly it will be! I’m thinking the baby should be a boy…anyway, just ordered! Yay, another box in the mail! Anticipation…aaarrrrrhhhh!!! Rhonda