Husband order SASKIA for valentine's

my husband just order saskia for me for valentine’s day he always got me candy and stuff animals
he ask me if I wanted a doll kit for valentine I wouldn’t turn that down I said yes . I told him that is the best valentine’s ever he said we would go out to a nice restaurant to.
he made my day. :grinning:


Aw, that’s a wonderful present to have. Congratulations honey xx

I’d say your Hubby is a definite keeper :wink:

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Aaaaww. Nice hubby.

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Awe that’s so wonderful Alice! @alicekay56

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enjoy the dinner… Nice hubby take care of him…:slight_smile:

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Woohoo! Your hubby is awesome!!

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Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful Valentine’s Day…Enjoy…!!..

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How sweet of him! Enjoy your day and your new baby!

Awwww…Mike is an amazing hubby. You are blessed @alicekay56.

thank you ladies I do have a great husband.

so sweet

Awe! What a thoughtful valentine gift!

That was a perfect gift! I worked at a flower shop for eight years (long ago) and I HATE getting flowers! LOL. I’d much rather get something I can keep forever. Tell him “Good job”…ha

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thank you I will keep this baby she’s my valentine :grinning:


Awww! That’s like double gift, then. :heart: