Huh? What is going on?

Ok so just all of sudden I’m getting an onslaught of notifications again, but when I go to check them, they’re messages and posts from days ago that I’ve already seen. I feel like I’m drowning in notifications! They just keep on coming lol. Anybody know what’s going on? Is it working again and just catching up from the days they missed?

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Yes, The notifications are working again. And it’s just going trough all the ones we’ve missed lol


I just cleared a list of some I saw a week ago. :persevere:

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Better than nothing, I suppose. I’m just glad they’re back at least.


I am still clearing on the forum, but I am also changing each time I post to NOT get a notification when someone posts on the thread. It will turn on notifications for this one and I am just going to set it to “regular”. I just can’t deal with all the emails that I get!

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