Huge Clearance Sale on Realborn® Kits!

All Realborn® kits from our secondary factory are now on clearance. We want to keep the quality of our vinyl kits as consistent as possible and maintain excellent customer satisfaction. Although many of you have loved these vinyl kits, we’ve had some complaints about kits from our secondary factory.

We are offering these kits at a low price to you. It is highly likely that some, or possibly all, of these kits will not be restocked, so get them while you can!

You can see them all on our home page:

Thanks so much!

Nevin Pratt, CEO


Does this mean this factory will not be used in the future?

That’s too bad some of them won’t be restocked. There are some real cuties among them!!

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@bbsupport do u know if Realborn lavender awake will be restocked

Great sale but sad some of them won’t be restocked if I could I would get realborns Maria awake and sleeping and royan

You will be getting rid of the super soft vinyl used in the Sage, Claudia and other kits? I loved that vinyl :disappointed:

@bountifulbaby you realize you’ve included kits that haven’t even been released yet. :pleading_face: This is starting to get sketchy like your not even looking at what you are doing or aware of your own products. It’s the same mistake that happened with your first close out sale just throwing every thing on the discontinued list.

Alot if these kits would be big sellers if produced in a factory that “we” trusted to provide study vinyl where the limbs won’t fall off our finished products to our customers. Other than that these kits are mostly tarnished by their reputation caused by the factory so didn’t sell based on that and the fear of difficulty painting and faulty flanges…

but if rereleased in your original factory some would be best sellers and hard to keep in stock.

Ruby awake is one of my favorites… she is the most realistic Realborn and it seems like no matter who paints her she is always amazing.

Those that are not as diverse or only appeal to a few I’d say time us up

Blake… that poor baby

Emmy I absolutely LOVE her but would be great to offer full limbs. The price for her kit and more expensive body is hard to justify. I love her pose ability but it’s the price and limited wardrobe options

Playful Sage - the crisp angles edges of her features are off putting and take away from her sweetness. This could be cause by the hard edges the new factory produces :thinking:

Maria and Isabelle were just released
Charlie and Shannon haven’t even been available yet.

Same with the original close out y’all posted all the kits that were not even released yet as discontinued like flossie and octavia yet they are listed as coming soon.

I’m assuming after that shipment when they are gone they are gone and won’t be restocked because they will be from the new factory?

I’m not sure silicone is the way of the future these days as they are more skill related and seems like knowledge of chemistry is required to paint them without screwing them up and if you do screw up it isn’t an easy fix like vinyl where you can strip and start over. Money is tight these days and silicone is an expensive hobby for artist AND collectors :pleading_face: there isn’t a variety out there either. I certainly don’t have the cash to throw down on silicones to practice until I get it right and buying kits for almost $1000 requires selling for more to make up for the time and effort put into them and getting that back with enough profit to have an income and continue in the hobby is going to make finished dolls cost as much as a small car :pleading_face:


I just got Courtney and Hudson in that vinyl and am painting an OLD OLD OLD original nod. The difference in vinyl is CRAZY! Hudson is so white it takes forever but with only a few layers on nod he looks alive :flushed:. I’m wishing I had more of that :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have not had chance to get most of these but really love them. It is much harder to get them in the uk and if i order direct from you i have to have enough for customs and alot more postage costs as well. Please reconsider getting rid of most of these.

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I discussed with my husband that BB was going toward silicones. We both agreed that the startup and kit cost is too much right now. Our grocery bill is double lately. Not a smart time to begin an expensive hobby. Imo


Hey BB, it would be nice to get some more information on what’s going on. So many stuff is getting discontinued.
I understand wanting less kits, but why include kits that were barely even released? Why include kits that people actually like?
Now with the new release coming up of a kit that was made from a 27 year old porcelain mold… It just doesn’t make sense business-wise.

I really want to stay loyal to bountiful baby, but with so much stuff disappearing from the website without any proper explanation is not making things easy.


We are consolidating to one factory for our vinyl. That way our vinyl will stay consistent.

That means all Realborn vinyl kits from the second factory are being marked down and sold out. Many (but not all) of the Realborns from the second factory will instead be produced by the first factory, but we have made no decisions yet on exactly which kits that will be. And, it will take some time to shift the production over.

In some cases, we have also already had molds made with the Silicone factory for the same Realborn kits that are from the second factory. That means at least some of the Realborns from the second factory will be re-released as Silicone kits. It also means that, in some cases, the Silicone kits might be available BEFORE we can finish moving vinyl production to the first factory for those same kits.

I know this shift in factory logistics creates what seems like an inconsistent pattern to the releases, but it’s unavoidable.



Nevin do you plan on selling silicone paints ect for the silicones?


And do you have tutorials for learning to paint them everything needled to do them

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Glad to hear some of these kits will be remade with the better vinyl! Hoping Hudson and Ruby awake are among them. Plus all the adorable bigger kits like Sage and Brooklyn :blush:

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I hope all realborns will be produced in vinyl. Please move them all over. They are so lovely. Please do not discontinue them. I really want to complete my collection one day.