How to watermark your pictures

Anyone have suggestions on how to watermark your photos? I am working on an apple computer using their photo app. I would like to submit some pics to BB of my Jewel. I know they suggest adding your name and or a nursery. Any suggestions or tutorials would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance, BTW my name is Jenn I have been a silent observer over the years and read the forum regularly and admire your talent and insight, as I have learned so much from many of you over the past 4 years in my reborning journey.


Don’t have much to say about watermarking as I haven’t figured it out yet. But, you should come out and visit more often. We need your insights too so we can learn from you. Come play with us more often, Jenn.


I can’t help with your question but welcome to the family, Jenn. I’m pleased you came out of hiding x

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I use an app called

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what app is it?

Welcome! I have Photoshop Elements. I removed the background from my logo using adobe. I open it up in Elements editing program and drag it onto the photo then size and place it where I want it on the photo.
Even if you don’t have PSE, this may give you ideas playing around with the editing software you do have.

Welcome, Jenn! I’m glad you came out to play!! I use Photoshop to watermark my pics.

Some ladies have mentioned

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If you let me know the apple app though I can see if my husband may know. He works with apple as a supervisor in tech support, just not sure if it is part of his products he knows about… but I can still ask if you let me know.

If you have Windows on your computer, you can go to the Windows Store and install the app WaterMark. It’s completely free and easy to use. You can watermark multiple photos at once.
Logo: [WM]

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thanks ladies, like I stated before your amazing! Thanks for the info and your warm welcome, I will play around with some of the sites you’ve suggested!