How to root hair and not get it to thick

When rooting hair on my dolls I always feel I am getting it to thick when its not necessary. Any tips when it comes to that? I feel like I am wasting a lot of my mohair. How do I make myself root a thinner head of hair is what I am trying to ask. LOL!!!

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Sounds like you’re placing the strands too close so try spacing them out. You may want to lightly paint hair before rooting. The underlying paint will make the sparsely - rooted hair seem a little more full.

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I have never tried that before. I can see where it would work with out a doubt. I think thats my problem. I think its a visual issue. Have you ever used the pencils in place of the paint?

Deb, yes, you can use a pencil instead. Use light, directional strokes and bake to set.

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I do root one hair at a time but still feel its to thick. I love that thin baby hair look and thats what I am striving for. I am gonna try the pencils. I really think this is gonna do the trick. Thanks so much for the tips, very much appreciated~ :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I always end up with too much hair in areas that I want it sparser. Tweezers to the rescue. I use yearling mohair - kid is thinner and might give you the look you are after.


@pia Where do you purchase your mohair from?

I love Slumberland and Sugargliderus (Carolyn right on this forum). Asher is rooted with sugargliderus. Carolyn posts on the forum when she has some for sale, but I think she will do custom orders if you get an ounce at a time. Love that she has hair that is fairly straight. I HATED Delta Dawn the one time I used it. It is coated with a “waxy” finish and I think it is difficult to manage because of that. There are ladies that order it without the “serum” and really like it a lot.