How to prevent ink stains

We have had problems in the past with kits being stained by ink, and we have learned how to avoid these problems. We would like to share our information with our customers.

We have learned that it is never a good idea to write directly on the bags (that contain any kits) to label them. If you write directly on the bags, the ink can easily leek through and stain the doll. As a lot of you know, ink can be hard to remove. If you have any kits that are currently being stored in bags with ink on them, it might be a good idea to switch bags.

Also, we have learned that it is not a good idea to use a marker to label kits, even if the marker was used on a sticker (instead of being written directly on the bag). We recommend using a pencil or a regular pen to label with, and we recommend writing your information on a sticker that is placed on the bag. It is not a good idea to place the sticker directly on the doll either, or the ink can leek through.

Also, you never want to set your kit near anything that contains ink (such as printed boxes or magazines).

Some of our employees have had some unfortunate experiences in the past with these issues. We would like to make sure that no one else has to experience these things.

Bountiful Baby

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Thank you I just changed out all my kits in to bags with no ink!!!

I am certainly getting my new bags ready. I learned the hard way, too. My Trey now has a little light mark on his nose. My own fault and I look forward to seeing what I can create to cover it up.

This is valuable information. I currently store my kits in the mail box they were delivered in and I write on the outside of the box who is inside it. Do you think this is okay or do you think the printed ink on the outside of the box can still get the vinyl? Most of them are in plain plastic with no labels.

I would think that would work. That’s how I keep mine, too. With Trey, he wasn’t in the bag all the way and his little nose rubbed on the box.

I write my kits name on a piece of paper and tape it onto the outside of the bag with packaging tape so that the writing is completely covered and can’t come off onto anything.

Did you try winser/newton on Treys nose ? If that doesnt take it off try to zit cream for a few days -if you havent already-I would also like to caution against dolls with writeing on the flangs -like a number or name -I know BB doesnt do this but alot of other co. do and if that marker gets against any other vinyl it will bleed onto it -I store most of my kits in the plastic shoe boxes you can get at the dollar stores -they are clean cant get squished and labled on the outside of the box!!!

This ink thing happens to everything that goes into plastic bags. I have a huge fabric stash and learned to my dismay a few years ago that the ink transferred over time thru the plastic onto the fabric inside. Especially on the bags that were near the bottom of the pile in the containers. They had had weight on them so the bag was pressed quite tightly.
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I use ribbon that has my nursery name on it and glue it across the tush or lower back. I used to sign and date but it looked to me that the ink would bleed/spread out on the fabric and you couldn’t half read it after a while anyhow. I also like the zit cream for removing things like that. If you have already painted and say the mohair manages to bleed into the coloring, zit cream will work but don’t do like me and forget to take it off (a week later). The dye color will be gone and the skin tone will be a lot lighter than you want it too! LOLROTHF

Keep her. One of these days in the way future you will be glad that you did because she may fulfill a special purpose.

Another thing to be careful with, is Ink Stains from cloth/clothing.

It is a good idea to wear light colored clothing while rooting or handling the vinyl; or place a white or light colored towel under the vinyl while rooting hair, eyelashes, putting in eyes, gluing, etc.

An Example we had with this issue: was someone wearing a dark purple shirt while rooting hair, the vinyl head happened to be rubbing against the purple shirt while rooting. When finished rooting, the neck and area under the chin was stained purple.

Avoid wearing or using dark colored cloth/clothing while handling the vinyl, where as the ink could rub off.

If you get an ink stain on your doll, try using Winsor & Newton Brush Cleaner & Restorer to remove the stain.

If that doesn’t remove the all or any of the stain, you can use acne cream. Apply cream to the stained area and place in direct sunlight for a period of time(could take several hours, up to 6-8 hours) continue doing this until stain is gone (will most likely remove all, if not some, of the paint layers in that area as well).

-Bountiful Baby

Denim is famous for rubbing off. You should see the leather seats in my car. I advise anyone that I sell a baby to to avoid dark colored clothing or to at least wash the item multiple times before putting it in a baby. A couple of years ago, a child got a reborn for Christmas and new pajamas too - slept with the baby and the poor thing had the pj color transferred to her vinyl face. Might have been someone on this forum. Thanks for your tips BB!