How to Measure for Neck Ring Size

I once read somewhere how to measure a doll’s neck for the proper sized neck ring, but I can’t remember how to do it. Can someone tell me? Thanks!!

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I’m wondering too. Need neck rings for Ophelia Schick and Majara Marx.

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I usually just measure the diameter across the neck flange, from outside edge to outside edge, and pick the closest neck ring size x

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I never use neck rings, but I think I want to start. I tried to put one on the first doll I made and I couldn’t get that sucker on, so… I was just like, “eh, forget it!” lol


Did you heat the head? That’s the only way I can get them on.

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I think it is diameter but don’t you have to double it? I’m wanting to get rings for Leelou Brace and Larry Blick so I can tighten the cable ties down good.

According to the following site, multiply the diameter by 3.14 to get the circumference:


BB posted how to do it awhile back. Maybe they’d do it again?

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I was really never very good at math. :worried: But I will see if I can get this to make sense to my brain.

Just found this: