How to make pale babys without it looking yellow

Anyone know of any ideas?

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I have always used a pale green layer to make a pale baby. I now use my own mixture but when I used Genesis, I used earth mint.


I personally use flesh 08 on all my pale babies, it never turns yellow, even after warm washes.


I dont want my babys to look dead. I’m scared if I add green they will look like a zombie

Love your pale babies so much! They have so much depth to their skin! :heart_eyes: well, love all your babies LOL.


They won’t look zombie! Start with really thin washes and build the color slowly. I like to keep a clean paper towel near my work space to dab my brush on before i apply it to ensure the color is transparent enough. Just work sleepy in thin layers, it’s easier to add more color than it is to start over :laughing:


Thank you!! :heart::heart:

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very thin layer mint green