How to do eyes

Can any one tell me where to get instructions on putting eyes on the babies. I have the instructions and I don’t see anything about putting in eyes. I even went into where the eyes are sold and clicked on eyes. I need instruction that will tell me step by step like the other instructions on making the dolls. I see where eyes bb sells can bake to 275f to 135c. But acrylic is 250f. And babies are baked at 260 to 265 so I am trying to buy acrylic eyes on ebay. Really need help. Thanks

Don’t worry about the temp they say they are for. Just put the eyes in when you are all done painting and baking. There are two ways to put them in. Some people just put them in from the front while the vinyl is still hot from the oven. I have never done it that way but I guess you just push then through the opening and the vinyl stretches around them until they pop in. The other way to do it is to use an exacto knife and reach up inside the head through the neck and cut slits in the back of the eye socket so you can insert them from inside the head. After you insert them, you can glue the slit shut.

also if they flop around because the eye socket is to deep or not snug u can place some stuffing behind them but not tell your finished painting i dont know how this well react to heat then glue as said above.

tibby had one eye that did that it just flopped around .i was concerned about heating the stuffing behind the eye it makes me a little scared

I cut slits in the back of my sockets using a small pair of curved scissors.

I cut the bottom half, leaving the top half in tact. Once eye is in I then glue the flap down with some E6000 and a peice of doe suede (felt is fine) over it. I have also tried using the method of just cutting an X over the middle of the socket back and that does work and seems to hold the eye in a bit more snug afterwards BUT I find I do sometimes have to heat the head to get the X to be pliable enough to shove the eye in. Either way I glue a piece of cloth over it after I am done.

Invest in a small pair of forceps to hold the eye when you are inserting it into the socket. My fingers just aren’t nimble enough the squeeze in the neck opening and get the eye in place but forceps work great. Make sure you have the eyes perfectly aligned before gluing the back shut too. The pupils need to be on the same level and catch the light the same in both eyes no matter what direction the baby is looking. The position of the eyes can make or break the total effect of your reborn!

Hi @kymbo, We have Denise Pratt’s tutorials on our YouTube Channel “Bountiful Baby”. Here is the link to where she demonstrates how to place the eyes: Making Reborn Baby Dolls with Denise Pratt, Part 11: Eyes and Lashes - YouTube

Let me know if this helps!

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